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Culture, society and history narrated starting from the music. This is the scope of the italian site Music Graffiti. This parallel site in English provides to the English speaking people a selection of this Italian large and very much visited site.

Music Graffiti is an absolutely free web site, created for educational and recreational purposes only, targeted to the musical culture diffusion; the web site is hence a collection of information and memories about the world of music.

The main section of the Italian site is a wide list of lyrics of popular music annotated and translated in Italian from English (main part), Portuguese Brazilian and also Spanish and French (few songs).

Between the artists the visitor can find R.E.M., Pentangle, Joan Armatrading, Van Morrison, John Lennon, Pentangle, Cranberries, Jefferson Airplane, David Crosby, Bruce Springsteen, Keith Jarrett, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Jacques Brel, Charles Trenet, and many others, besides the Italian ones (Franco Battiato, Enzo Jannacci, Lucio Battisti and many many groups active in the sixties, the beat era, particularly rich in Italy).

Also included are information about music history, music and cinema, music and literature, together with a large number of images, record covers (mainly 45rpm records of the sixties) and other information.

This site is completely unrelated with the movie with the same title (1997, by Tom Hanks).

Contents available in English

Site's contents are written mainly in English and they are therefore readable also by English speaking visitors, among them: lyrics not widely available in the web, or sometimes present only in this site; soundtracks of movies using in a creative and innovative way the music; pictures takes from the same movies: commented soundtracks of books in which music has an important role, profiles and discographies, both synoptic and complete, of some of our preferred artists.
The pages can be completely written in English or few notes in Italian can be eventually present, not preventing anyway the access to the foreign reader. This pages will be progressively translated completely in English.

See the home page for content listing.

Feedbacks and comments in English are welcomed, and can be sent to the webmaster using this form.

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